Special Projects

Virtual Genetic Counselor Shadowing Program at UW-Madison

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, traditional exposure and professional opportunities for pre-genetic counseling students were canceled or otherwise unavailable. With the help of fellow juniors and seniors, I founded a program of virtual events for the summer of 2020 to supplement those lost opportunities.

In August, we founded an official student organization, the Pre-Genetic Counseling Organization of UW-Madison (PGCO). Today, we hold meetings, workshops, interviews, and provide resources for undergraduate students seeking to gain exposure and experience in the field of genetic counseling.

UW-Madison Women in Engineering Conference (UWMWEC)

Because of my role at the UW Makerspace, I was presented with the unique opportunity to chair the planning committee of the first annual UW-Madison Women in Engineering Conference.

This position included acting as the primary event planner, applying for grants and sponsorships, communicating with local engineers, business professionals, and students, and finally, managing the venue, refreshments, bookkeeping and budget.