How to Make “Advocacy Work” Your Friend

If you’re a hopeful, future genetic counselor, you’ve experienced reading the most daunting of application requirements –– “Advocacy Experience”. Your stomach probably dropped to the floor and the little voice inside your head whispered in a high-pitched tone, “what even is that”.  From volunteering to counseling, “advocacy work” can mean a variety of things. TheContinue reading “How to Make “Advocacy Work” Your Friend”

It doesn’t take “a saint” to love someone with a disability.

A harsh, short essay about something I could write a whole book about. As the sister of a child with Down syndrome, Ethan and I have had our fair share of tough moments. Many of these tough moments have been in public, perhaps during one of his temper tantrums or sensory overloads. I’ve seen theContinue reading “It doesn’t take “a saint” to love someone with a disability.”