Introducing Me

Hi, I’m Madelyn! I have many skills and having opinions is definitely one of them. This new blog is the Hail Mary answer to my “having-opinions” problem, but unfortunately for you, writing is not one of those many skills.

Why start a blog then?

I could lie and say I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but as I just said, writing is not one of my many skills. In all honesty, I am starting a blog because I have to…for a class. But now that I’m here and learning the benefits of having a blog, I’m so excited to have an outlet for my content. However, it took it a lot of work to figure out just what my personal content would be.

Starting a website and blog, I knew I’d have to write that dreaded “About” page as the first step to discovering my personal content path. I knew that putting my entire life into a few short paragraphs would be difficult, and that discovering the few words that would describe my personality would be hard and intense. Being Type A, I was able to categorize millions of thoughts and choose three key phrases that best describe me.

That’s how I decided that this blog is where I will share what it truly means to be a science communicator, disability advocate, and hopeful, future genetic counselor.

Science Communicator

I am getting a degree in Life Sciences Communication, which quite literally means that I like to communicate science. “Science Communicator” is also where I choose to store my graphic design, social media, and marketing strategy experience. I am the Social Media Intern for GiGi’s Playhouse and the Media Director of Mind. Body. Badger., which have shaped the way I communicate with the world around me, including how I communicate science.

Disability Advocate

I am the sibling of three younger brothers, including an amazing young man with Down syndrome. My brother Ethan is my best friend and my inspiration. His genetic disorder introduced me to genetic counseling, my future profession, and his need for therapies and assistance introduced me to GiGi’s Playhouse, the Down syndrome Center where I intern. His needs have taught me compassion, patience, and grace, and have inspired me to advocate for all those with different abilities.

Hopeful, Future Genetic Counselor

Though Ethan originally inspired me to learn about genetic counseling, I’ve fallen in love with the field while earning my second degree in Genetics and Genomics. I am incredibly interested in the ethical, social, and political implications of genetics and am excited to educate the world through my future patients. I founded and am now the President of the Pre-Genetic Counseling Organization of UW-Madison, and will be applying to an Accredited Genetic Counseling Program to start in Fall 2022.

I’m so excited to have a blog that allows me to talk about science, disability, advocacy, and so much more. It will give my personality and experiences an opportunity to shine through, and will hopefully improve my writing.

Buckle up though – it’s going to be a wild ride.

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